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The work of the MSPF is completely supported by public donations.  There are no compensated staff at this time.  If you would like to pray or give or go, please join us!

Oldoinyo Kiti


The Oldoinyo Kiti Theological Education by Extension and Rural Retreat and Training Center is the major MSPF project at this juncture. We have secured the community blessing, are in the process of obtaining our final permits, and are embarking on a capital raising effort.  


The MSPF is desirous of partnering with you to work toward fulfilling the Great Commission.  

Dr. Strang Available to Speak

Fred Foy Strang is a dynamic communicator with an expertise in African Christianity, missions, and ethnodoxology.  He is available to speak with your organization, offer workshop trainings, retreat leadership, preach, teach, or bring a multimedia mission experience.  Let us know how we may serve you!

Books and Resources

Dr. Strang's books, Maasai Oral Literature and Maasai Life and Christian Practice:  A Photographic Portfolio are available through the link below. In addition, scholarly inquiry is welcome.

More Information

Would you like a prospectus on Oldoinyo Kiti or more information on the MSPF?  Would you like to add your name and email as one of our partners in prayer?  Follow this link.


Oldoinyo Kiti Update

Click the link below for an update on the progress of the Oldoinyo Kiti Theological Education by Extension and Rural Retreat and Training 


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